Sara Magenheimer

NOON and Screen Series now on view at The New Museum

NOON, a new installation in the 231 Bowery window gallery of the New Museum, is now on view until April 15, 2018. Concurrent with the exhibition is the Screen Series, which is showing 6 of Magenheimer’s videos:

Nothing Comes from Talking (But Sound) (2012)

Seven Signs that Mean Silence (2013)

Slow Zoom Long Pause (2015)

From the Movie of the Same Name (2016)

Best is Man’s Breath Quality (2017)

Art and Theft (2018)

From the New Museum:

Magenheimer presents a new video installation in the window of the New Museum’s 231 Bowery building. This project is part of a new series of window installations, which relaunches the program the New Museum originally mounted in the 1980s. In conjunction with her window installation, a selection of Magenheimer’s films is also on view as part of the Museum’s ongoing Screen Series. This project is curated by Margot Norton, Curator.

On the occasion of her project, Magenheimer has also completed “Notes on Art and Resistance A–Z,” a downloadable PDF. Written by the artist over the course of the past year, following the 2016 US presidential election, the text comprises a sequence of personal meditations on making art in a time of profound political and social change.