Sara Magenheimer

New Language Acquisition

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2019 — 7:00 PM



NEW YORK, NY 10003


this screening is part of: FLAHERTY NYC: PUZZLING

Sara Magenheimer in person for a discussion moderated by Sukhdev Sandhu Associate Professor in the Department of English at NYU and founder of the Colloquium For Unpopular Culture.

The experience of encountering a language you do not understand, with its opacities, surface poetics, and implications of meaning, is central to this program. “New Language Acquisition” begins by exploring possibilities for linguistic, nonverbal, and spatial communication. Conversely, techniques of deconstruction serve as a means to decode or untether the semiological. What can an image and sound sign? What is deemed legible or illegible? In the words of writer and artist Mel Baggs: “I find it very interesting…that failure to learn your language is seen as a deficit, but failure to learn my language is so natural that people like me are officially described as ‘mysterious’ and ‘puzzling,’ rather than anyone admitting that it is themselves who are confused.”