Sara Magenheimer

I Collect Neglected Venoms at PICA’s TBA Festival

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I Collect Neglected Venoms at PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival

As part of an installation in PICA’s annex during the Time-Based Art Festival, Sara Magenheimer presents her new video, Best is Man’s Breath Quality, in which an ancient jellyfish suggests how new positions can inform our capabilities to heal.  With performances featuring singing and narration, Magenheimer explores how language mutates and reproduces itself in culture.


Friday, September 15th

Saturday, September 16th

Sunday, September 17th

all at PICA Hancock, 15 NE Hancock Street.

Prior to the matinee performance on Sunday, September 17th, Sara Magenheimer joins PICA Visual Art Curator Kristan Kennedy and Lumi Tan, Curator, The Kitchen (NYC) for a conversation with audiences about her TBA performance, I Collect Neglected Venoms.

Panel Discussion:

Sunday, September 17th
12:30 – 1:30 PM
at PICA at West End, 415 SW 10th Ave


The installation will be on view at PICA Hancock beginning September 7th at the start of PICA’s TBA Festival, and will remain on view post festival until October 1st.