Sara Magenheimer

I Collect Neglected Venoms

Performance Script

at The Kitchen, NYC  2/25/17 –3/4/17

and PICA Portland, OR 9/15/17-10/1/17

As part of an installation in The Kitchen’s theater, Sara Magenheimer presents her new video, Best is Man’s Breath Quality, in which an ancient jellyfish suggests how new positions can inform our capabilities to heal. His deep-ocean vantage allows him to comment (through an authoritative voice-over) on a truer spectrum of human behavior seen up above; and his capacity for inflicting pain on human bodies finds parallels in our capacity to embody the more nebulous and unruly forces in life. With performances featuring singing and narration, Magenheimer explores how language mutates and reproduces itself in culture. Creating abstract narratives through vernacular associations, she proposes linguistic turns more empathic than expository. The human voice and sound operate as floating signifiers, addressing the body through the disembodied. Curated by Lumi Tan and Tim Griffin.

Text via The Kitchen

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