Sara Magenheimer

CCCC at White Columns

CCCC: Ceramics Club Cash and Carry

Nov 6- Dec 19 2015

White Columns is pleased to present CCCC (Ceramics Club Cash and Carry).

This project is a fundraiser with 100% of all profits going to Planned Parenthood, White Helmets, and Critical Resistance.  The exhibition will empty as the ceramics are purchased… (cash and carry).

JOAN Los Angeles

JOAN presents Slow Zoom Long Pause, a video by Sara Magenheimer.

September 12 – October 11, 2015

In Slow Zoom Long Pause, 2015, her most recent video, Magenheimer asks; What would it mean for form to have rhythm? It’s a question of physicality; an idea chafing against its embodiment.  This work hovers in that space of friction between concept and material limitation; considering a human vessel – the “content” being somewhat begrudgingly resigned to it’s physical form. Color, too, possess a certain rhythm as wavelengths of the visible spectrum, but in this work the voice is central. The script traverses various modes of speech; hyperbolic, melodramatic, inquisitive, authoritative, sentimental – as it questions the rhythm of objects, the body as an object, the meaning of imaginary and “real” things, and what we can see versus only hear or feel. By the end it’s clear that the narrator’s voice is actually an embodied multiplicity of voices. She’s even doing a Q and A with herself.

Concurrent with this exhibition Slow Zoom Long Pause will also premiere theatrically at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.


Presented by, Vision Quest is a three-day festival celebrating the most innovative contemporary moving image and media art culture from artists worldwide, with a focus on works made using unconventional processes and emerging technologies. Vision Quest is presented in a multimodal and multimedia format, where audiovisual performances are cross-pollinated with time-based media screenings and digitally exhibited commissioned artworks to showcase the most essential contemporary media culture.

The festival opens at the MCA on September 10, with works by Trisha Baga, Stephanie Barber, Peter Burr, Petra Cortright, Kevin Jerome Everson, Victoria Fu, Zahid Jiwa, Johan Lurf, Jodie Mack, Sara Magenheimer, Simon Payne, and Jesse Stead.

Festival curators Andrew Rosinski and Fern Silva introduce the screening in person.

Vision Quest 2015 continues with screenings at Co-Prosperity Sphere (219-21 S. Morgan St.) Friday–Saturday, September 11–12.

Thu, Sep 10, 2015, 7–9 pm


Buy tickets online
or contact the MCA Box Office, 312.397.4010.


Slow Zoom Long Pause will screen as part of the Projections program at the New York Film Festival

Program #9
Sunday, October 4, 3:30pm
Sunday, October 4, 7:00pm
TRT: 76m

Life in the Cloud: What are the material and emotional consequences of a digital world that has altered our bodily existence?


THIS SENTENCE at China Art Objects

Curated by Lauren Mackler of Public Fiction

China Art Objects, Los Angeles

6 June – 22 August 2015

Screening July 2nd

Sascha Braunig, Becket Flannery, Ryan Gander, Tamara Henderson, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Greg Kalliche, Helen Marten, Emily Mast, and Pascual Sisto

A concurrent program of videos, performances and screenings will showcase the work of: Sophia Al-Maria, Charles Atlas, Ericka Beckman, Derek Boshier, Merce Cunningham, Sara Magenheimer, Babette Mangolte, John Smith, Martine Syms, and Yvonne Rainer

Artadia Award


NEW YORK, NY – Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue is pleased to announce the 2015 New York Artadia Awardees. Park McArthur and Georgia Sagri will each receive $10,000 unrestricted funds. Yevgeniya Baras, Joe Fyfe, Donna Huanca, Bill Jenkins, Jennie Jieun Lee, Eric Mack, Sara Magenheimer and Kameelah Rasheed will each be awarded $5,000 in unrestricted funds. All ten artists will receive the lifetime benefits of the Artadia Award program including access to our New York Residency, Awardee exhibitions, connections with curators, and participation in Artadia projects at art fairs across the country.

Recess Session

Sara Magenheimer: False Alphabets

In Session: March 19 – April 25, 2015

Film Screenings: March 26, 6-8pm
Free Paint performs: April 3, 6-8pm
Film Screenings: April 9, 6-8pm
Eleanor Friedberger performs: April 18, 6-8pm

On March 19, Sara Magenheimer will begin work on False Alphabets, as part of Recess’s signature program, Session. Session invites artists to use Recess’s public space as studio, exhibition venue and grounds for experimentation.
Over the course of her Session, Magenheimer will construct sculptural sets composed of photographs, objects, and film equipment that will become the backdrop for a new video. The script for the video, written by Magenheimer, continues the artist’s interest in voice, and employs cinematic tropes that conflate embodied language and location.
The script will evoke the role of “The Radio DJ” epitomized by characters like Mister Señor Love Daddy in Do The Right Thing and DJ Stevie Wayne in The Fog. These figures act as the omnipotent narrators of their films as well as create diegetic soundtracks to their cinematic worlds. Simultaneously addressing the movie going audience, the other characters, and their communities, their music is embodied rather than a superficial add-on for the viewer’s emotional manipulation.

Collaborating artists Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Free Paint (Magenheimer and Saunier) and more will perform the music for and act as narrators in this video. Performers will make mixes that involve narration and music. These mixes will function as a soundtrack for the video. Recess audience may stream these mixes online and will be invited to participate as “the listening public” on open-set days of filming.

The video and performances explore the limit of the necessary, functional dislocation between speech and physical body, attempting to bring language back to the body through techniques drawn from punk/Dada humor, absurdity, music and participation.
Films featuring radio DJs will be screened throughout False Alphabets.