Beige Pursuit

Beige Pursuit

September 2019

A character called X journeys through a present that is neither here nor there, but feels oddly proximate. She moves through landscapes of words, ever-shifting to host the groundless present, a place and time driven by her motivated, yet contextless pursuit. Narrative is always under construction. The preferred medium for X’s peregrinations: a sentence, as capacious as a three-second video, a ten-year nap, or an unexplored hard drive. In this suspended world, X’s sensorium is curious and alert, but also anguished, hesitant, and precarious: she feels around for sympathetic energies and familiar faces along the way. Along what way? A book like a body might be a room for waiting, a machine for memory, a sensuous thing, an image quickly glimpsed, a performance still ongoing…

Published by Wendy’s Subway

Document Series #2, Edition of 500

Designed by Joseph Logan and Brian Hochberger

152 pp, 4 5/8 x 7 in, 6 color plates

ISBN: 978-1-7327086-3-1

Printed in Michigan

SPD Press