Art and Theft Video

Art and Theft

Shot in New York City, upstate NY, and Mount Etna, Sicily.

Writing, camera, sound recording/design, and editing: Sara Magenheimer

Production assistance: Grace Ives

Additional sound: Fay Davis-Jeffers from the album “Din”

Excerpt from “After Hours” by Martin Scorsese

Painting: “The Conjurer” by Hieronymus Bosch oil on panel between 1496 and 1520

From the NYFF Projections program:

Magenheimer’s video explores the bounds of narrative and the illusion of received wisdom in the seven minutes and twenty-two seconds it takes to rob a house. Here, images of medieval art, popular cinema, and “live” news reportage speak candidly to the constructedness of all storytelling traditions. Voice over narration by Magenheimer.